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Dynamic Negotiation of an Associated Printer for Telnet Display Sessions Disclosure Number: IPCOM000012958D
Original Publication Date: 2001-May-19
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-11

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Disclosed is a mechanism to enhance terminal emulation (Telnet) software usability. It is convenient and useful for a terminal emulation client to have a Telnet printer session automatically associated with any current Telnet display sessions to a remote host, such as an IBM iSeries platform. If the user of a Telnet client display session wanted to print output from an application that it was running in that session, the majority of users would want that output automatically routed to a Telnet printer session for that same client session. In this way, a default printer can be dynamically associated with any display session, and result in output being printed to the local or network printer attached to the Telnet client workstation. This is a convenience and usability feature. A mechanism to dynamically associate a virtual printer session with a virtual display session can be implemented by extending TN5250E negotiations (see Request for Comments RFC 2877 at such that the default printer for the display can be assigned at the time the display session is established. In one example, a TN5250E negotiation will pass the desired printer virtual device name as part of the TN5250E Telnet client session establishment. This can be done using a new USERVAR, such as IBMPRINTER, which will indicate this is an associated device for this display session. The actual printer device attributes need not be known since they will have already been defined in a separate TN5250E printer session that is established independently and prior to the display session. In the following TN5250E negotiations, JEFFSDSP is the virtual display device name, and JEFFSPRT is the virtual printer device we want to associate with this virtual display device. The Telnet client communicates the desired virtual printer device as follows (the format below mimics the format seen in RFC 2877): TN5250E Environment Option Negotiations