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Telephone menu system fast path based off history and trigged by caller ID Disclosure Number: IPCOM000013022D
Original Publication Date: 2000-May-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-12

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This invention solves the problem of a caller having to retrace a lengthy path though a telephone menu system by first creating a fast path menu option for the last option used by the caller, and also tacks the last so many calls, determining if use of one particular option exceeds some threshold amount and is the most used option for the calls from that number. When this occurs, the option is assigned to a new fast path option so that the next time the user calls in, this time saving fast path option is presented to them . To exemplify this, consider a service such as the a City Line service that can be found in many cites which provides general information of interest to people living in the city. To use one of these services to find out the price of a particular stock, one must dial the city line service system, then go to category say enter 5555. Then go to 1 for stock quotes then type in 43-62-22 for to get to the particular stock of interest. After doing this a few times the invention we are disclosing would user caller ID information to recognize where a call is coming from and provide a fast path option (say 0) that would be part of the initial menu and would allow the user to go directly to the stock price of interest bypassing several levels of menus and saving time. Another feature of the invention is to provide options based off of area code as well. For instance, if some percentage of the last so many calls from area code 555 to the automated tax line number selected options to get to information regarding the taxability of last year's tax rebate, then a fast path option would be provided to callers from the area code 555 to get directly to this information. 1