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The way to indicate the error field and update the value on the dialog Disclosure Number: IPCOM000013078D
Original Publication Date: 2000-Aug-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-12

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Disclosed is a way to indicate the error field and the way to modify the error on the dialog for improving the usability. When a user makes some errors on the input field on the dialog, the error message window appears with pointing the error field, moreover a user can modify the error with referring the instruction in the error message window. The figure shows an example of this error message. There is an input field (1) on the dialog. When a user selects OK button(3) without inputting any values in the input field (1), the error message window (2) appears. The error message window(2) points the input field(1) with the allow. The message in the error message window shows the reason of error and how to modify the error. A user can input a correct value into the input field(1) with referring the error message(2). A user can close the error message window(2) by clicking the dialog's background area, if necessary. After modifying the error, a user can select OK button(3) again to go ahead the operation.