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Dynamic Web Page Input Verification using Element Introspection Disclosure Number: IPCOM000013085D
Original Publication Date: 2001-Nov-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-12

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Many web pages use JavaScript to verify user input before submitting the input back to the web page server. Typically the JavaScript is written to check the various input fields one by one in the order they appear on the web page. The checking can minimally entail checking that required fields are not blank, but can further ensure that values entered are a certain format and/or within certain limits. Typically the JavaScript code is written to check the input fields one by one in the order they appear on the web page, with whatever specific field checking that is needed coded specifically for each field. But if the web page changes, if fields are added, removed, restrictions changed, then the JavaScript code has to be reviewed and modified to ensure that it still checks the fields in the right order and enforces all the right restrictions. This publication is for a method whereby the order of the field checking and the restriction checking can be done in an automated fashion so that as the web page input fields change, the JavaScript code automatically still enforces the correct restrictions in the correct order. The first step of this process to use the JavaScript elements array to check the fields in the order they appear on the page. The elements array is the list of all the fields on the web page. By checking this array from beginning to end, checking for the various input field types (TEXT, CHECKBOX, SELECT, etc), the fields are automatically checked in the order they appear on the page. If the order of the input fields on the page is changed, this array will automatically reflect those changes.