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Bookmarklets for the Simple Extraction of Image Links

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000013112D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Jun-13
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-13
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Presented is a set of Bookmarklets that extract pre-formatted HTML image links from a web page.

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Bookmarklets for the Simple Extraction of Image Links

Presented is a set of Bookmarklets that ease the task of extracting image links from web pages. A Bookmarklet is a line of JavaScript* code that can be saved as a Favorite (or Bookmark, depending on your choice of browser). In MS Internet Explorer**, it can also be added to the right-click menu. When one of the bookmarklets is invoked on the currently viewed web page, a new browser window will appear containing each graphic on the page, marked up with the appropriate HTML. It is a simple matter to copy and paste the HTML code containing the image link into a weblog update form.

Bookmarklet v1: Display naked image URLs.

<a href="javascript:aI9='';for (u8H=0;u8H<document.images.length;u8H++){aI9+='<img src='+document.images[u8H].src+'><br>'+document.images[u8H].src+'<br><br>'};if(aI9!=''){ImW=open('','ImW','width=500,height=40 0,scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes');ImW.focus();with(ImW.document){write(aI9);void(document.close())}}else{alert('No images!')}">Display Images</a> - Display naked image URLs.</li>

Bookmarklet v2: Image URLs wrapped as HTML <IMG>s.

<a href="javascript:aI9='';for (u8H=0;u8H<document.images.length;u8H++){aI9+='<img src='+document.images[u8H].src+'><textarea rows=4 cols=40><img src=\''+document.images[u8H].src+'\' alt=\'\' border=0></textarea><br><br>'};if(aI9!=''){ImW=open('','ImW','width=500,height=400,scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes');ImW.focus();wit h(ImW.document){write(aI9);void(document.close())}}else{alert('No images!')}">Display Images</a> - Image URLs wrapped as HTML &lt;IMG&gt;s.</li>

Bookmarklet v3: Image URLs as HTML <IMG>s wrapped in <A HREF>s.

<a href="javascript:aI9='';for (u8H=0;u8H<document.images.length;u8H++){aI9+='<img src='+document.images[u8H].src+'><br><textarea rows=4 cols=40><a href=\''+location.href+'\'><img src=\''+document.images[u8H].src+'\' alt=\'\' border=0></a></textarea><br><br>'};if(aI9!=''){ImW=open('','ImW','width=500,height=400,scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes');ImW.focus() ;with(ImW.document){write(aI9);void(document.close())}}else{alert('No images!')}">Display Images</a> - Image URLs as HTML &lt;IMG&gt;s wrapped in &lt;A HREF&gt;s.</li>

Bookmarklet v4: Image URLs as HTML <IMG>s wrapped in <A HREF>s with selected text below, all centered.

<a href="javascript:y3y=document.selection.createRange().text;aI9='';for (u8H=0;u8H<document.images.length;u8H++){aI9+='<img src='+document.images[u8H].src+'><br><textarea rows=4 cols=40><center><a href=\''+location.href+'\'><img src=\''+document.images[u8H].src+'\' alt=\'\' border=0><br>'+y3y+'</a></center></textarea><br><br>'};if(aI9!=''){ImW=open('','ImW','width=500,height=400,scrollbars=yes,resiza ble=yes');ImW.focus();with(ImW.document){write(aI9);void(document.close())}}else{alert('No images!')}">Display Images w/ Selected Text Below</a> - Image URLs as HTML &lt;IMG&gt;s wrapped in &lt;A HREF&gt;s...