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A Scheme for Automatically Copying Images to a Blog Server Disclosure Number: IPCOM000013114D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Jun-13
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-13
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A scheme for automatically copying web page images to a weblog server is presented.

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A Scheme for Automatically Copying Images to a Blog Server

Plain text blog entries can be boring. If they can be spiced up with graphics, they look nicer and more interesting. However, graphical decoration of an entry with a relevant image can be a tedious process. One way to add graphics is to use an image link, as in the following:

<img src="">

In practice, hunting down these image URLs can be a tedious process. Additionally, these images are not "stable", as the website that hosts the link may move or remove the image, thus 'breaking' the blog entry.

Ideally, the image would be copied from the original location to the webloggers server and referenced in the blog entry via a relative URL.

The scheme described here involves a combination of Bookmarklets and server-side function.

A Bookmarklet is a line of JavaScript* code that can be saved as a Favorite (or Bookmark, depending on your browser preference). In MS Internet Explorer*, it can also be added to the right-click menu.

Invoking the Add Blog Entry Bookmarklet while viewing a given web page will send (via HTTP Post) the URL of the current page, any selected text, and the URLs of all images on the page, to the blog server. The blog server will respond with a window where the blog entry may be composed. The user selects which image(s) to use and their layout within the entry (image left / text right, image right / text left, etc). When the Submit button is clicke...