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Closed Loop Continuous Source Follower For Level Shifter Between Two Supply Voltages Disclosure Number: IPCOM000013144D
Publication Date: 2003-Jun-16

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Methods and apparatus for level shifting an input signal received by an input receiver stage where two supply voltages are being used. Closed loop feedback may be used to track out variations between the two supply voltages of input devices by varying a biasing current source in a source follower circuit being used as the input stage of the input receiver transistor. A duplicate of the receiver is coupled to a comparison circuit in a closed loop system including an operational amplifier, current mirror and dominant pole capacitor to provide an accurate biasing voltage for other input receivers. A first transistor, whose gate is tied to the I/O power supply, is configured in a source follower configuration, with a second transistor acting as a current source. An Operational amplifier compares the second power supply (e.g., the internal power supply) and the voltage level produced from the source follower circuit. The output is integrated using a dominant pole capacitor which will dictate the loop frequency level to produce a compensated bias voltage for all input receivers used on an integrated circuit device.