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Self Aligning Electronic Card Enclosure with Cam Latch Handles Disclosure Number: IPCOM000013221D
Original Publication Date: 2001-Nov-08
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-18

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The electronic card enclosure is designed so it can be plugged blindly into a mother board and it's enclosure. The intention in this design is to mate two electronic connectors from two enclosures, and ensure the mating is a high reliable technique. The problem that is solved with this design is, the ability to align the two enclosures and maintaining planarity. This is accomplished with course alignment flanges, which locate the enclosure within 1 mm side to side. Also included are guide pins, located on the mother board, and alignment holes that are coined, circular wedges, located on the electronic card enclosure, which is the fine alignment, that locates the enclosure within 0.5 mm accuracy. Once the two mating connectors are aligned and partially engaged another problem is solved with this design. The cam handles, which are located on the electronic card enclosure, will cam the enclosure forward, applying equal pressure across the full length of the connector, until the mating connectors are fully seated. The cam action is accomplished by rotating the cam handles, which have an oblong posts on either end of the handle, into the cam features on the mother board enclosure's side walls. The movement is in a linear direction which ensures the mating connectors will align properly. Once the electronic card enclosure is fully seated into the mother board enclosure and the cam handles are fully deployed, the handle retainers, which are located on the electronic card enclosure, will lock the handles in place to ensure positive The main objective for this invention is to align the electronic card enclosure by, first course alignment technique. Then fine alignment with guide pins and mating alignment holes to align the mating connectors. Then the ability to cam the enclosure forward until the mating connectors are fully seated and locked into position.retention of the assembly.