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Universal Mounting Stand For A Small Chassis Network Computer Disclosure Number: IPCOM000013222D
Original Publication Date: 1999-Nov-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-18

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Brian Kerrigan Lawrence Buller Dan Beaman


Described below is a methodology of holding a small chassis computer (typically a thin client or network computer) in a vertical orientation while enabling customers to mount the respective system units also to horizontal or vertical mounting surfaces. Shown pictorially in Fig. 1 is one embodiment of this disclosure which describes a one-piece stand (10), typically formed from plastic, that holds a small chassis computer 11) in a vertical orientation. Special openings (12) are formed in the embodiment (shown in Fig. 3 to allow the passage of cooling air into the system unit similar to that presently used on IBM's System 3000 Network Computers. The design described in this disclosure incorporates mechanical "cleats" which engage into selected ventilation holes (14) which have been replicated into the four respective external surfaces of the system chassis. Using the identical pattern of holes, the stand attaches to the chassis from the top, bottom, right, or left sides, and thus satisfies the design requirements for flexibility in mounting surface orientation as shown in Fig. 2. In addition to the mounting surface flexibility, the independent mounting orientation and hole pattern associated with this embodiment allows the requisite air ventilation to pass throughout the system unit in a natural convective mode without obstruction as shown in Fig. 3 The stand, as shown in this embodiment, also features holes (15) used to attach it to the customers mounting surface. 1