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Adaptable Overmold Tool Design for Various Sizes of Laminate Chip Carries Manufactured in Strip Format Disclosure Number: IPCOM000013263D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Dec-31
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-18
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The innovative design combines a novel laminate chip carrier strip design in conjunction with overmold tooling design in such a way as to minimize capital investment required to support multiple chip carrier body sizes.

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  Adaptable Overmold Tool Design for Various Sizes of Laminate Chip Carries Manufactured in Strip Format

   The problem that is found today is that overmold tooling is either designed specifically for a single strip utilizing a single body size chip carrier, resulting in overmolds which are recessed inward from the edge of the laminate which allows for ease in singulation, or for a single strip size using multiple laminate chip carrier body sizes, but itself fully encapsulated, resulting in "blind dicing" of the chip carriers along each of four sides.

In order to gain the flexibility of using multiple body sizes with one tool, yet maintain the convenience that discrete encapsulation provides for singulation, this design uses the pitch determined for the largest body size chip carrier for all smaller chip carriers. This defines the length and width of the strip. In addition, one edge of the singulated chip carrier is always defined by one edge of the strip. This concept is shown pictorially in Figure 1., where a strip designed for a 37mm body size is shown with both a 35 mm body size (top) and a 31 mm body size (bottom).

2 mm

4 mm

Figure 1. Fixed Laminate External Size and Width with Offset Laminate Pockets.

Similarly, the injection molder used to make the overmold on the module would only change a top plate in order to vary the size of the plastic.


35 mm

31 mm

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Figure 2. Injection Mold Tool

The adv...