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System and Technique for Self-Maintaining Hyperlinks, embedded within Web-based documents Disclosure Number: IPCOM000013264D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Jun-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-18

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Self-Maintaining Hyperlinks Embedded within Web-based Documents This idea is related to the fields of Web-based information management, and dynamic handling of changing data references. The seminal importance of the Internet as a generalized communication medium has been clear from the very outset. As the Web has surged in popularity, however, the number of Web documents has also grown exponentially. Many documents are now authored solely for the purpose of Web publishing. A browser with an HTML editor and some knowledge of HTML on the part of the human author are sufficient to create basic static Web documents. At a slightly advanced level, knowledge or Perl, Java and scripting languages such as JavaScript can facilitate the creation of dynamic Web content. The beauty of online documents is that they can use the functionality afforded by hypertext to contain "hyperlinks" to other Web documents. The term "hypertext" refers to the organization of information units into connected associations that a user can choose to make. A "hyperlink", "link", or "hypertext link" is a specific instance of such an association. The extensive use of Hypertext and Hyperlinks in Online documents has been a driving force behind the proposed solution of the World Wide Web, which is, after all, nothing more than an enormous amount of information content connected by an enormous number of hypertext links. This document comprises of 1) Problem Description