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IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000013294D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Mar-21
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-18

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In refrigeration cooled MCM, where the temperature of the microprocessor chips goes well below the dew point of the ambient, the enclosure in which the cooled hardware resides should be hermetically sealed to avoid any moisture condensation on the microprocessor chips. In addition, foam insulation has to be provided between the cooled hardware and the outer walls of the enclosure to avoid the outer walls from cooling below the ambient dew point resulting in moisture condensation on the outside of the enclosure. Furthermore, the enclosure, shown below, has to seal with the mother board onto which the MCM plugs. The enclosure shown below does not show the MCM hat, but it does show the evaporator cold plate onto which the MCM hat is bolted. The evaporator cools the MCM hat which in turn cools the microprocessor chips. To avoid any moisture ingress from the connections between the flexible hoses and the enclosure outer walls, metal foil is sealed to the perifery of the evaporator cold plate and to the surface on which the seal ring sits. This invention describes a better and less expensive method for sealing the evaporator cold plate to the surface on which the seal ring sits. Sealing is accomplished in this invention by a preformed butyl rubber membrane piece that is designed to seal against the evaporator cold plate. The membrane piece also has the feature that consists of the seal ring built into the membrane. So the invention consists of a piece of specially designed butyl membrane that has an opening for the evaporator and that on its outer perifery has the seal ring built into it. Thus the specially designed but;ly membrane, that can easily be molded, provides a moisture leak-proof barrier between the ambient and the cavity that holds the microprocessors. Thus moisture ingress into the microprocessor cavity is avoided by the one piece moisture seal. Flexible hose for refrigerant Desiccant ring Sealslot Evaporator