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Grouping of list items and supporting of selection of category names Disclosure Number: IPCOM000013347D
Original Publication Date: 2001-Apr-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-18

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Title : Grouping list items and supporting the selection of group names Disclosed is a method for grouping items in list boxes and enabling users to perform operations both at the group level and upon individual items themselves. This method enables users to better understand relationships between items and to perform interactions faster. The software user is frequently called upon to select items within a list box. In some instances, there are a number of items in the list that the user needs to select. In instances in which the items have no ordinal relationship (for example, high, medium, low), the items are often not listed in meaningful categories or groups, but alphabetically. In lists where items are grouped, the user is frequently required to individually select each item even when he wants to select several or all items in the group. Often, multiple-selection capability may be supported by providing Select All Deselect All push buttons. Alternatively, the software may enable users to select several items by means of Ctrl-click. The provision of these functions often supports efficient task completion. Furthermore, by arranging items in meaningful groups, users can recognize relationships among individual items. In this disclosure, items in a list box in the user interface are meaningfully grouped. The items can be selected by group or individually. Grouping choices enables users to select either: categories