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Programable Data Collection Disclosure Number: IPCOM000013430D
Original Publication Date: 2000-Apr-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-18

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A program is disclosed that collects data items for diagnostic or other reasons (i.e. compression, unloading or transmission) which need not have algorithmic changes for every data item under scrutiny by the program. This program accomodates additional data items when tables that define the data item to the algorithm are modified. In this manner, a programmer need not modify or create additions to a program for the purposes of adding a new data item for collection. Moreover the program lends itself to dynamic changes in the tables governing the collection by supporting command processors and other tools. Sets of data items are presented to programmers that have varying attributes. For example, parameter lists passed to other programs or system services have many differing fields that are of value and need collection. The differing parameter lists can be catagorized by request type. In other words, a request type defines a set of data items. This program uses the request type as the indice into a table of sets. The entires in this first table contain an index into a second table which contains the parameters governing collection, plus the maximum count of data items expected. A third table is indexed by the number associated with the data type and contains entries defining the type attributes of the data item. The type attributes allowed for include (but are not limited to) a single byte of data, a varying length field, a fixed length field, a field with a length area, an alet qualified area, or a structure. Further, the type attributes can flag special case code is requied for the data item when the use of defined data types are not feasible. The following graphic outlines the relationship between these arrays. 1 Set Special Number