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Handle Multiple/Replaceable Device in One PC Disclosure Number: IPCOM000013460D
Original Publication Date: 2000-Oct-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-18

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Disclose is a utility for selecting information for devices that are attached to the PC. Using this utility many application like on-line manual, device driver installation utility, and so on can show information about devices that are inserted to the PC and hide the information about devices that are not installed. User does not need to care about which devices is in his/her PC and can use and get information about the PC in the unified environment even if the devices attached to the PC are changed. From the usability point of view, to know which devices are in the PC is very important. As for PCs until now, each devices has it own utility, help files, e.t.c. and it copies these files when the device driver is installed. But the devices in the PC did not replaceable so there's no problem from user side. But today PC supports replaceable devices such as Mini-PCI card. And there appears some difficulty for users to know the correct information about the driver in his/her PC. That are: Information for the replaceable devices can't be put on the on-line manual. If information for all the supported devices are put on to the manual, user may be confused which information is the correct one for his/her own PC environment. If some utility or help file is provided by the current way, many utility or help file will be registered into the computer every time when replace a device, and user will be confused which utility/help file is applicable for his/her current environment.