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lenticuler lens sheet cutting out method Disclosure Number: IPCOM000013464D
Original Publication Date: 2000-Jul-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-18

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Disclosed is a method for cutting out lenticular lens sheet with accurate physical dimension with precise parallelism and perpendicularity along with the lenticular lens stripes. Lenticular lens is used for LCD (Liquid Crystal Display), however disclosed method is extendable for any sheet with periodical structures such as lenticular, lens array, etc. Conventional method for precise alignment to cutting die is to have alignment fixture to be aligned with lenticular lens by mechanical way and microscope inspection to confirm that the alignment is precise enough. This operation is time consuming resulting in lower productivity and higher manufacturing cost. New method is to align the lenticuler lens sheet on a cutting stage that has parallel lines (or lens itself) with the same pitch and the cutting die is attached parallel to those lines. For cut operation, first, the lenticuler lens sheet is put on the stage with both lines to be parallel. When lens is tilted, moire pattern is easily observed, so it is easy to place the lenticular sheet parallel to the line of the cutting sheet (and the cutting die) by visually observing and moving the lenticuler lens sheet without any other mechanical fixture nor optical tool assistance for magnified images. Precise alignment will be obtained easily to move the lenticular lens sheet to the position where a moire pattern is diminished. At that positing, cutting die is pressed therefore the final physical outline has precise dimension and high enough parallel/perpendicular characteristics to the lenticular lens structure. 1