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Manager Delegate Function with RMS Disclosure Number: IPCOM000013490D
Original Publication Date: 2001-May-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-18

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Disclosed is a description of a delegation function within a Resource Management System (RMS) database in an environment such as Lotus Notes. Within an RMS database, it is desirable to have a function that would allow management to delegate authority to another person to act on their behalf. The problem is how to give the ability to a manager to delegate authority within an RMS to a person(s) of their choice within the organization such that they have full capability to perform all of the required tasks. The delegate and/or the managers have the capability to create new resources (person records), assign those resources to projects, create projects where needed and to have edit capability for each of these items. The task needs to be automated within the system. This means that the creation and deletion of delegates must be completely automated and those documents which are affected must be dynamically updated to reflect changes in the delegation of authority by a manager. Views are provided which allow a manager to identify a person(s) within the organizational structure to represent them. When a manager delegate is added to the system, all resource and assignment records associated with that managers' direct reports are updated to indicate that the delegate now also has full processing authority for those documents. In a similar manner, if a delegate is removed, then all rights of the former delegate to process those documents are also removed. Several distinct process states exist that are addressed. "Resource" document refer to employee information records. "Allocation" documents refer to a document for each project the employee is assigned to. a. The manager is defined in the system, but as yet, has no resources defined for their direct reports. This affects the resource documents of direct reports. b. The manager and the delegate are defined in the system and a new resource is added to the system. This affects the new resource documents.