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JMF Test Tool Disclosure Number: IPCOM000013500D
Original Publication Date: 2000-Feb-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-18

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This is the invention for Java Media Automated Testing Tool, which is developed to test Java Media Framework's APIs and features against all the supported media types and codecs. Currently, there is no tool in the market allowing user to play a set of media files without going thru file editor for each media file or hard coded all the media files user wants in a Java applet or a Java application program. All users need to do is to tell the tool where the media files are located and the tool will to the specified directory on the server via RMI call to build the media file tree dynamically. This tool can be used for different testing phases without modifying the tool or the testcases, the tool will be able to generate different test trees to suite for different phases of testing. Due to the dynamically generated media files tree, the tool allows user to play a media file individually or test by media file type or test all the files in all the supported media types sequentially. It is a very useful and highly productive automation testing tool which reduces the testing effort and make testing efficient, effective and repeatable. User can choose to use command line processing to pass the parameters to the JMFTest Tool or use GUI as the following. The initial GUI panel which allows user to specify the location of the audio file, video file, the testcases to run against, JMFLite version (all Java version) or not (all window version, including native codec), Server platform (NT, 95, 98, RS6000, Solaris, ...), JDK version, JMF version, Run as an application or an applet. This tool creates a main panel which contains two sub panels as such, 1) The content type panel on the left which displays the media types user wants to test against in the form of a tree and it is dynamically