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DON and Level field agents for RMS Resource Documents Disclosure Number: IPCOM000013526D
Original Publication Date: 2001-May-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-18

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Disclosed is a description for creation of resource records and building of an employees management chain within a Resource Management System (RMS) database application in an environment such as Lotus Notes. Resources maintained in an RMS database need to be cataloged in an hierarchical manner. The end result is a tree structure that represents an organizational breakdown of all resources within an organization and the set of basic information within each resource record. The capability to gather resource information from different sources without requiring the user to visit multiple sites or manually key in all of the information quickly becomes a necessity for a system that tracks thousands of resources. Information contained in Company directories and RMS databases, specific geographical and division data need to be gathered and incorporated into a single document. This makes it very simple to create views within the database to view the data in many simple ways. The point of this description is the automation of getting employee information without requiring it to be keyed in by the creator of the record. With the development of two agents, the end user is able to create a new resource with a minimum amount of keystrokes. As few as three required fields (data fields within a form) are necessary to create the resource. The three fields are employee serial, the organization the resource belongs to and the location (city) the resource resides in. All other information is gathered through the invocation of the agents which gather the appropriate information and populates the resource fields. The advantages are ease-of-use and collection of the most up-to-date information relating to resources. The Directory-on-Notes (DoN) agent (e.g., in Lotus Notes) accesses a Company directory and extracts several pieces of information that make up parts of the resource records, (i.e. employee division, managerial status, department working in, employee mail id, manager mail id and serial number). This information is then loaded into the appropriate fields of an RMS database resource record without additional keystroke intervention by the person creating the record. All code for this agent is written in a language such as Lotus Script. The Level Field agent (e.g., in Lotus Notes) is capable of populating an hierarchical organization twelve (12) layers deep. It is expandable to any number of levels, however, in order to suit the need. This agent uses the employee and immediate manager's serial number to build a bottom-up and top-down link between the employee and the head of the organization, by walking up the manager chain within each resource record. Therefore, the employee's position within the company chain is determined strictly from immediate manager information already contained in their resource record.