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Method for Automatic Creation and Editing of Large Numbers of Objects Disclosure Number: IPCOM000013557D
Original Publication Date: 2000-Jul-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-18

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Software users often need to create many similar objects requiring unique name or number identifiers. This often require tedious and repetitive copying and editing. The following invention describes a method for helping users to create many similar objects, giving each a unique name and number identifier of their choice. It also describes methods for editing the objects as a group after they are created. In this invention, users specify a template name for the objects, a starting number for the id, an increment value for the id, and the number of objects to be created. The template name includes wildcard characters which are substituted with numbers as the objects are created. For example, the template name might be MYOBJ%%% and the number of objects 351. The objects created would be MYOBJ001, MYOBJ002, MYOBJ003 ... MYOBJ350. Similarly, the starting id number might be 100 and the increment 10. The resulting ids would be 100, 110, 120 ... 3500. All other properties specified for the objects would be identical. An alternative to the template name and starting and increment numbers is to provide an input file with names and id numbers specified. For example, the contents of the file could be: NORTH, 1234 SOUTH, 2345 EAST, 3456 WEST, 4567