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Compressive transmission of 3D data Disclosure Number: IPCOM000013558D
Original Publication Date: 2000-May-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-18

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Disclosed is a method and system for transmitting three-dimentional(3D) data in a compressive representation and for sharing 3D data with several people through computer network. This method and system can be applied to a communication tool sharing 3D data through network, for example, networked meeting using 3D data and collaborative design of 3D data. A 3D sketch system, one element of the invention, is defined as follows. It recieves a sequence of two types of data (view data and stroke data) from a mouse and a tablet, or through network. It has a function to transmit the recieved data to other computers through network. It has a function to generate and modify a 3D model using the recieced data and to display the 3D model on a screen. The view data is defined as a position and direction of a eye in 3D space, and it is usually represented by a 4X4 matrix. The stroke data is defined as a two-dimensional curve or poly-line drawn on a screen, and it is usually represented by a polynominal curve representation or a poly-line representation. One example of the 3D sketch system is presented in a reference [*]. Amount of the data composed of the view data and the stroke data is significantly smaller than the 3D data represented by a triangular mesh. A 3D model generated and modified by the 3D sketch system is uniquely represented by a sequence of the two types of data. Think about the situation that the 3D sketch system is working on the several computers connected by network. When one stroke is drawn on a 3D canvas on a computer screen, the stroke data and the view data is distributed to the other computers connected by network. The other computers recieved the data generate a 3D model from the recieved data or modify a 3D model from a previously recieved data sequence and the currently recieved data.