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Key board having Palm Mover Disclosure Number: IPCOM000013571D
Original Publication Date: 2000-Oct-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-18

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1. Title : KeyBoard having Palm Mover Original Subject : Input Device with Harmoniztion between Key-in Device and Pointing Device 2. Abstract : This invention aims at improving the coexistence of two input methods, which have totally different properties and histories. User has to be budging continually between the different postures for each input device. Main idea of this invention is to be unification of two postures of input methods in order to save both time and energy. The invention can be embodied by two designs; mechanically or electronically. 3. Purpose : The purpose of this invention is reform two inputting methods considering coordinations between the different postures of two input methods. The usual ways of input are Key-in device (Keyboard) by which user inputs phoneme by phoneme and Pointing device (Mouse) by which user moves point and click icons under GUI environment screen. Because these two ways were developed under totally different environment, they have different usages and postures to use them. In other words, this invention has a purpose to unify inefficient coexistence of two input ways, which are Key-in device and Pointing device, through harmonizing their postures to minimize waste of time and physical energy used by continual changing postures.