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A New Design of Single Wafer Tray for Vacuum Baking Oven Disclosure Number: IPCOM000013593D
Original Publication Date: 2000-Feb-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-18

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A Despatch Oven is a necessary tool for GMR/MR product wafer process with which the wafers are annealed and the insulation resist is hard baked to cross-link. In the commercial version of Despatch Oven, the single wafer tray (wafer holder in the oven) was designed with one handler and pins. The function of the pins are to fit in the notch of the wafer to fix the wafer at certain orientation. There are two designs for the tray. The tray with one pin can fix the wafer tight enough so no deviation from original fixed orientation happens but it can be used only in one direction (e.g. only in 12 O'clock direction, and not in the 6 O'clock direction.) On the other hand, the tray with two pins can be used for either of two directions but the wafer is loose and was found to deviate from the original direction. The new design described here will use only one pin but two side handlers so the tray can be used for either of two direction with tighten fit in. In the old tray design (Fig. 1), the tray can be inserted into the oven in only one direction. If the user wants to change the wafer orientation in the magnetic field (in oven), he has to change the orientation of the wafer instead of the tray. In the new design, the tray can be insert into the oven in either of two directions. Therefore, the user can change the wafer orientation by changing the tray direction and the wafer will be fixed on the tray. (Fig. 2) trayinvention.ppt 1