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Effective redundant cooling Fan swivel mechanism for Multiple Processor System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000013684D
Original Publication Date: 2000-Dec-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-18

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Disclosed is the swivel mechanism of cooling Fan that is intended to cool the Multiple Processors. In the event of Fan failure, Another Fan starts to turn round and covers both of processor cooling by changing airflow direction. The taking over operation is kept to work until new Fan is replaced. Fig-1 shows the current cooling method of redundant Fan which has the multiple processors. Each processor has a heatsink on the top and gets the airflow from the 2 sets of Fan. Total 4 pieces of Fan is provided in the system to realize the perfect redundant Fan. In the ordinary condition, the each Fan works at the optimized motor speed and cools the processor. When one of the Fans is failed, another Fan makes the motor speed higher and takes over it until service personnel replace new Fan. Fig-2 shows main idea of the cooling by the only 2 pieces of Fan. Each Fan has a feature which can change the airflow direction. In the event one of Fan failure, another Fan starts to swivel at higher motor speed for the sake of cooling both processors. The swing rate of swivel is enough quick to compensate the cooling for both processors' heat radiation. The basic mechanism of the swivel action is to change the airflow direction. Fig-3 shows turning round the Fan itself, changing the angle, sweeping the airflow and covering the two processors. Fig-4 shows the swing louver provided at the front of Fan. The moving louver blade changes the airflow direction. The Fan does not turn but louver work. The cost of both ways is not expensive than 4 pieces of Fan because it is possible to make from less mechanical parts and simple solenoid motor. Fig-1 (Current Redundant Fan method) Fig-2 (Main idea of Fan Failure and Take Over Operation)