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Seal Edge Control Structure for LCD Panel Disclosure Number: IPCOM000013707D
Original Publication Date: 2000-Mar-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-18

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Disclosed herein is a seal edge control structure, where dummy structure effectively absorbs seal dispersion into pixel area by apillary effect. To prevent extra seal penetration into pixel area, novel structure which positively utilizes capillary effect of seal. The structure of surrounding edge pixels can be easily fabricated by color filter process, where utilizes normal red (R), or green (G), or blue (B) sub-pixel creation. The dummy structure is also applicable to the pixel designs that has relatively wide spacing (such as 50 um) between pixels. The seal has wavy edge depending on seal volume, position, and material itself. The structure comprises; 1) structure of surrounding edge pixel with projection part to absorb extra seal, 2) lattice or grille in the pixel area to control around pixels, 3) outer projection on the surrounding structure. The structure can easily be fabricated by using creation of color filter (CF) resist layer(R/G/B). The design has flexibility according to the seal width (volume), cell gap, and other LCD panel design. The CF resist layer can be selectable one layer, two layers, or three layers, by choosing photolithography step of R/G/B resist. The structure is not restricted to the CF substrate. The organic BM (black matrix) on TFT side, or combination of CF side and TFT side (hybrid structure).