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Using Keyword Expressions for selecting testsuites and testcases for test generation and execution. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000013725D
Original Publication Date: 2000-Nov-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-18

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Disclosed in this article are details of an invention to dynamically select testsuites and testcases for execution. This invention therefore enables the test execution community to dynamically select during test execution phase which testsuites and testcases are included in any particular testrun. Therefore testruns can be dynamically tailored to run only those testsuites and testcases most appropriate, providing greater flexibility and efficiency during test phases that benefit from this capability. As part of the Tivoli’s* Java Execution Framework (JEF), the use of keyword expressions for testsuite and testcase selection centers around the definition of a public static String keywords in every testcase that requires this support. Normally this will be all testcases for a component based test group. However, this is totally optional and those testcases that do not define this string will necessarily not be included in any selection involving keyword expressions. As seen in Fig. 1., defining this string in Java** is rather trivial. Naturally, keywords that are defined in this string will be used separately or together to determine whether the particular testcase is selected or not. After the testcases have been created using the above method they can be selected for test execution using the JEF Test Harness. The ability to do this with keyword expressions consists primarily with the test harness’ capability to support limited regular expressions. Users supply a limited regular expression upon command invocation and the test harness introspects each testcase’s keywords to determine if it will be part of the current testrun or not. Support includes, but is not currently limited to, logical AND, logical OR, negation and nested paranthesis. An example of its use might look like Fig. 2. Of course, there is other support within the test harness that makes this support even more useful, the details of which are not appropriate to disclose here. Tivoli is a trademark of Tivoli Systems, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of International Business Machines, Inc.