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Implementing a method to determine the completion of all Console branch entry WTOs and DOMs for a specific job. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000013809D
Original Publication Date: 2001-May-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-18

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Disclosed is an enhancement to an operating system's message processing during end of step or job termination. The enhancement is a new callable service that will ensure an application's invocation of branch entry message processing to be completed prior to step or job termination. Currently, at step or job termination, it is possible for branch entry Write to Operator (WTO) messages or branch entry Delete Operator Messages (DOMs) to not be processed under the correct step or job. This could result in messages going to the wrong joblog or not appearing in the joblog at all if the job ended. The reason for this is that branch entry WTO/DOM processing runs asynchronously to its caller. The job can continue processing to another step, or end if it has no more steps, while at the same time, or later, its branch entry WTO/DOM processing executes. Thus, this new callable service has been supplied so that the application can invoke it when it has determined the job will no longer issue any more branch entry WTOs/DOMs. Essentially, the service will make the application wait until branch entry WTO/DOM processing completes executing the WTOs/DOMs. Once it finishes its processing, it will wake up the application, and let the application resume its own processing. 1