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Automated grouping of appliance servers Disclosure Number: IPCOM000013815D
Original Publication Date: 2001-Dec-05
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-18

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An appliance server is a server with a single function. This makes it possible to treat a group of appliance servers as a single administration entity. This disclosure describes a method for making a group of appliance servers automatically and sharing configuration setting among them. Configuration of servers in a group is saved in a master server and other servers in the group retrieve configuration information from a master server, configure themselves in the same setting as the master server. DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol RFC2131/2132) is used to find out a server which is a master of a group. A sequence described below shows how dose it work. When a server starts up, it broadcasts a DHCPREQUEST message with a class name of a group to which it can belong. (Typically, a class name is assigned for a family of products having same function.) If there is a master server of the class on a network, it replies for the DHCPREQUEST message. Based on information in the reply message, the server retrieves configuration setting from the master server. If there is no server in the same class on a network (there is no reply for a DHCPREQUEST message), the server becomes a master server and waits for configuration setting by an administrator. 1