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Automatic Cleanup of DCE Disk Space Disclosure Number: IPCOM000013844D
Original Publication Date: 1999-Dec-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-18

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Woodrow Arkeketa Rick Cohen Umesh Khatwani


The Distributed Computing Environment (DCE) in its normal processing can, over time, accumulate a massive amount of disk space in the form of expired DCE credentials, UNIX core files, and various log files that requires intervention by an administrator to cleanup. Disclosed is an automated approach to cleaning up DCE disk space usage utilizing *Tivoli support. With the addition of Tivoli support for DCE, several monitors and several tasks have been implemented along with the a set of DCE rules. The DCE rules are needed to glue the monitors and tasks together within the Tivoli environment to address this approach. The Percentage of Inodes Used monitor raises the Sentry2_0inodesusedpct event. A DCE rule is provided that will cause the Clean Up Credentials task to be executed automatically on the specific host were the event originated. This causes all the expired DCE credentials to be deleted freeing up disk space used for those DCE credentials. The Disk Space monitor raises the DCEDiskSpaceUsedPct event as an indication that disk space availability is shrinking for a specific DCE host. A DCE rule is provided that will cause the Remove Core Files task to be automatically run on the DCE host were the event originated. This results in any DCE core file allocations to be deleted allowing that disk file space to be freed up.