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Inline Single-Function Sort Buttons Disclosure Number: IPCOM000013867D
Original Publication Date: 2000-May-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-18

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The essence of this invention is to provide dedicated single-function sort buttons in the column headers of tables. By "single-function" it is meant that each sort function (e.g., sort in ascending order, sort in descending order, etc.) has it's own specific pushbutton. This solves the problem today of a single button in column headers (e.g., the whole column header) doubling or tripling for multiple sort functions. This toggling between states could require an extra click for the user to get to the desired sort. This problem gets amplified if the data is coming from a remote host and/or if the amount of data is large, which can be a real problem in networking environments (e.g., a table of data for 5,000 endpoints on a single gateway). These types of toggling sort buttons also potentially add to the confusion of how the table is sorted. The advantages of this invention come from the way the dedicated and visible sort buttons within the column header make sorting more usable, such as: Allows the user to have direct access to the desired sort rather than requiring the user to toggle through all the sort states, which can save a click as well as load time. User's selection of a sort can be more directed rather than having to interpret the results after a sort