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Method to control mouse pointer with parameter of radious of gyration, and the user interface Disclosure Number: IPCOM000013878D
Original Publication Date: 2000-Apr-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-18

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Main Idea: This is an idea about a method to control the mouse cursor on the screen in order to draw free curves or lines, or to move it curvilinerly or linerly mainly with human voice. The mouse cursor internally holds a radious and a center of gyration and the direction, in addition to the the current coordinates. The mouse cursor on the screen is always displayed with a circle orbit, which shows its current orbit to the user. And also the shape of the mouse cursor shows the the direction clockwise or couterclockwise). When it is still and moving, the radious can be dynamically changed so that it could draw free curves and lines on the screen. As an example, in Fig. 1, the mouse cursor displays the counterclockwise direction, accompnied by a circle which shows its current orbit. In this example, the mouse cursor points (x1, y1), and at the same time it holds the radious value "r1" and the center (cx1, cy1). With a voice command "Start", the mouse cursor starts rotating its orbit until another voice command "Stop". Some voice commands are prepared to increase or decrease the radious "r1". "Fig 1. The mouse cursor and the circle orbit" Problem to be solved: Some applications which utilize the trajectory of the mouse cursor (i.e. Drawing appliations, Retouch applications, etc.) can be used by human voice, instead of a real mouse. And also the fine adjustability of the mouse cursor can be improved when it needs to move to a a specific point.