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Personalized direct mail catalog Disclosure Number: IPCOM000013905D
Original Publication Date: 2001-Jun-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-19

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Disclosed is a business method for personalized direct mail catalog. A company adopting this business method can create special catalog for each member to match his/her taste. A lot of commodities are supplied from many makers. This business method gives makers a merit to reduce the direct mail cost because their advertisement information is send to the group that they want to sell their goods with high probability. Also, this business method gives customers a merit that they receive the information of each person's favorite goods. Moreover, if the customer keeps receiving the service for a long term then the catalog much more friendly to the customer. The key of the business method is the customer database, which stores customer's information like a taste, interest, lifestyle and every transaction of his/her purchasing. The contents list in the personalized catalog is made from the information in the database. The catalog is made of three parts. The first part is arranged based on what the customer explicitly shows its interest purchase. The second part is arranged based on the customer's purchasing pattern analysis. The last part is arranged based on the items that the makers want to sell. These parts are combined in a book style and published by online publishing system. The customer name and address is written in the cover page so that these unique catalogs are sent to the right individuals. In the past, a maker could only guess some potential sales from the purchasing pattern of its own products. However, it could not cover the customer behavior completely. The new business method covers large sorts of commodities which are enough for the customer to buy everything through the new catalog shopping system because the past transaction history shows almost complete customer's behavior. THE DETAILS