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Hyperfootnote Disclosure Number: IPCOM000013919D
Original Publication Date: 2001-Jun-24
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-19

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A program is disclosed that provides a mechanism to link marked data in a composite document to electronically stored information and computer program to process that information. A composite document includes various kinds of data such as text, graphics, and image. Usually, user can mark some part of the data in the document using object selection method. It is convenient for the user if he can associate some information such as description of specific terms, pointer to external resources, or his own thoughts or ideas with that marked data. And it is more convenient if the user can process that information dynamically. A program which works as a foundation for such a mechanism is referred to as "hyper-footnote" hereinafter. Hyper-footnote is linked to a specific marked data in the composite document, and the user can regard it as a virtual media for information recording and processing. The type of the marked data includes, for example, a word in a sentence, an entire sentence, a paragraph, a heading, and a partial area on an image. However, the data type is not limited to the above examples. The data can be of any type as long as the user can mark that data using common object-selection method. For example, if the data is graphics, the marked data can be a single graphics element or graphics-element group. As the first step, the user associates a blank hyper-footnote to the marked data for which the user wants to store useful information. After associating the blank hyper-footnote, the user put any relating information on it. For example, if the user wants to jump to a web page where some specific information is shown, the user places the URL information of the web page on the hyper-footnote. If the user wants to take a note while reading the document, the user stores text data in the hyper-footnote.