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Web Site Client-Side Redirect (Non-Meta Based) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000013923D
Original Publication Date: 2001-Jun-10
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-19

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Client-Side Web Site Redirect (Non-Meta Based) Changing Servers and massive site redesigns are both common events in the IT age. The Client-Side Redirect offers a seamless crossover to allow network administrators and Webmasters to change file structures and numerical IP addresses (change physical serviers) without suffering any loss in site traffic. Site navigation is not hampered in any aspect which is often the case with other technologies. The Client-Side Web Site Redirect works on all major JavaScript ® enabled Web browsers and has been tested thoroughly on both Netscape Navigator ® and Microsoft Internet Explorer ® . Scenario One Changing Servers Previously if a Web site changed servers site administrators would leave an HTML "limbo" file on the server notifying the viewing public that the Web site has changed locations. Often times this page would offer a hyperlink to the new location. Some administrators and Webmasters incorporate META tags into the limbo file that will automatically transfer users to the site after a specified amount of time. This solution often hindered the viewing experience of the user. Users navigating to previous viewed sites using the integrated back/forward buttons would sometimes be "ping-ponged" back and forth from the limbo file to the redirected file if the time increment was not high enough.