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The LCD Cell driving method by wiring Two Cell-uke X-cards have same circuit function Disclosure Number: IPCOM000013924D
Original Publication Date: 2000-Mar-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-19

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Disclosed is a development of the new Cell-uke Card for Liquid Crystal Display(LCD) Cell panel final Inspection System. The new concept is the LCD Cell driving method which are used two Cell-uke X cards (Left and Right) have same function in Figure 1. Therefore total cost, card design time and card manufacturing term are reduced. The concrete content is as follows. At first as shown in Figure 2 LCD Cell final inspection system which is consisted of X and Y Cell-uke cards, Super Control Card and so on. This system is a machine which to qualify LCD Cell panel with displaying images. And in LCD producing process its system is located before attaching Tape Attached Bonding(TAB) to LCD Cell, and operators inspect Contrast-defect(Mura), Dot-defect, Line-defect and so on. In this system the Super Control Card receives pattern signals from Signal Generator, and it generates pattern signals which to drive X and Y TAB ICs. The signals are transmitted to X,Y TAB ICs via Cell-uke X,Y cards. The signals which X,Y TAB ICs receive are generated signals which to drive LCD Cell. After the output signals of X and Y TAB ICs are satisfied with LCD Cell driving condition, the inspection pattern is displayed on LCD Cell. So operators can judge good or bad of LCD Cell panel by this pattern. 1