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Implementation of Cookie Box in Portal Site. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000013925D
Original Publication Date: 2001-Apr-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-19
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1. Title A Cookie_Box function in Portal site 2. Outline (1) Background

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Implementation of Cookie Box in Portal Site.

1. Title

A Cookie_Box function in Portal site

2. Outline
(1) Background

At present, a personal user is using some personal computers (e.g. in company, home, mobile). Further from now on, CAN (CarAreaNetwork), HAN (HomeAreaNetwork), and so on become general ,and it will be common to use 4 ~ 5 personal computer per 1 person. In general, an application server goes in the Internet with cusmer management control and sesssion management control of the variety which used Cookie technology between each PC. Therefore, an application server can't recognize each PC with the same user ,unless specific authentication is done when a user is using more than one PC. Actually, as for the e-business, many clients are enclosed, and precise authentication shouldn't be necessary . In this case, cookie is still very effective technology. Therefore, the consistency of Cookie of each PC is taken, and a function to consider the same user becomes effective. Name this adjustment function toward Cookie ' Cookie_Box'.

(2) Function

The following function is mounted on portal site as a differentiation function . Make this mounting a patent object. And, a client can choose the effectively /ineffectively of this function. a) Toward the client who owns more than one personal computer, a Cookie adjustment function

between each personal computer

- Cookie_Box (Cookie storage territory) which Cookie is stored in is mounted,

and keep the latest condition that Cookie in every client's plural PC is unified in the client. - Take the automatically latest adjustment between Cookies of Cookie inside Cookie_Box and the connection requirement PC when you connect it with portal site from PC of variety

which a client possesses.

b) The preservation , replication of Cookie.

- Provide the Cookie preservation function and replication function when the necessity

to do re-installation occurs because it is recovered from the PC trouble.

(3) Functional advantage

a) For the client

- When more than one PC is...