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Topology Detection Method using Cable Connection Disclosure Number: IPCOM000013987D
Original Publication Date: 2000-Dec-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-19

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A mesh-type network has problems about performance or flexibility because of its complicated network topology. The disclosed is to solve it by the definition of the connection rule. To consider a resource sharing between a few nodes such as a clustering file server, a mesh-type network is one of the suitable networks. In this network, each node has multiple ports and connects to other ports. Each node has a switching capability itself, so the network does not need to add any expensive external switch resource. The mesh-type network has to manage the network configuration and the routing table node by node. It takes a time to configure the network and it is complex to maintain them. This invention defines a fixed rule of the line connection to improve the performance and the maintenancability. In general, the mesh-type network topology requires following conditions. to minimize the total throughput to assure direct connection between continuous ID of nodes to minimize operation to append a node This invention appends the following rules with keeping this conditions. The port 2 of the node N connects to the node N+1). The port 2 of the node 0 connects to the port 0 of the node 1. (The port 2 of the node other than node 0 never connects to the port 0 of the next node.) (This is the case of 3 ports per node configuration.) By this midifications, the network can be simply configured. It reduces setup time, network traffic, and maintenance complexity.