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Flexible DCE User Management through GSO Disclosure Number: IPCOM000014026D
Original Publication Date: 2000-Jan-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-19

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IBM GSO is a standard DCE client/server application, in which the GSO server, residing at a physically secure machine, manages all the GSO users' passwords and other target information stored in DCE Registry, and the client, residing at each user's machine, exposes GUI and CLI to users for accessing GSO user data and target data. In GSO release 1.1, the user management (UM) function of GSO is separate from the user management function of DCE, and a GSO user needs to be created in DCE before s/he can be created in GSO, which implies a GSO administrator may not necessarily be a DCE administrator. On the other hand, removing a user from GSO does not remove the user from DCE, since the user might have already existed in DCE for other DCE administration purposes before s/he is created in GSO. This separation of GSO user management and DCE user management are not desirable for some customers, especially those who do not have DCE in their enterprise environments before they install and configure GSO. Even for the customers who are already using DCE, a two-step administration (DCE first, then GSO) for any new user creation may be very cumbersome for administrators. To minimize the overhead of GSO administration in these customer environments, a DCE user management module through GSO may be appealing. In other words, It will be more admin friendly if GSO could provide DCE user management functions by which a GSO administrator can perform a subset of DCE administration work to simplify GSO user management tasks. These functions include creating a user in both DCE and GSO, updating a GSO user's DCE password, and deleting a user from both GSO and DCE. There are two major issues which need to be resolved in order to provide these DCE user management functions from GSO. 1. The DCE administration privileges granted to GSO