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The method to construct each user's video libraly by setting the video index Disclosure Number: IPCOM000014058D
Original Publication Date: 2001-Jun-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-19

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Disclosed is a method of using each user's video library that is provided by video contents providers via the Internet. By using this method, each user will be free from administrating his/her video contents, and will be able to download them from providers' servers more easily. So far, the method of using video contents via the Internet is to download the video contents into users' PC disk or to watch the video directly via the Internet. As a result, the users who downloaded the video contents need to take time to administrate the contents in their PC disk. And they also need a large amount of disk space in their PC. When a user who has watched the videos directly via the internet wants to watch it again, he/she needs to retrieve the video contents from the server of video contents providers. The method of using user's video library which contains users' IDs, video names, video IDs and other attributes of video contents in the providers' servers makes it easy for the users to retrieve their video contents which they have bought from video contents providers. Using this method, the users are free from administrating video contents or from using a large amount of disk space in their PC. Figure1 represents the video contents library which is broken down into 2 major elements: (1)Database of Video Contents, (2)Index Database of Users. Index Database of Users contains users' ID and video index information for the video contents that the users have bought from the video contents providers.