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Search Result Advertisements Disclosure Number: IPCOM000014059D
Original Publication Date: 2000-Jan-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-19

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Search engines and other sites today usually have advertisement banners that try to entice the user to visit the specified site, which causes a small finders fee to be paid to the site owner by the advertiser. As more and more sites make use of such banners, people get used to ignoring them to the point where they totally tune them out when looking at a web page. For example, when querying something from a search engine, ones eyes focus on the central part which shows the search results, not even looking at the advertisements around the periphery: This invention uses the search words to select key advertisements that might be of interest and presents them as if they were one of the search results instead of or in addition to the traditional banner form. In this way, the user is much more likely to read the advertisement. The benefits are: Makes people more likely to read the advertisement entry even if they don't click on it. Makes it more likely that people would click on an ad increasing the page author's ad revenue and potentially making a sale for the advertiser. The advertisement gets downloaded quicker as a text entry as part of a search result instead of a graphics image or even larger animation. The advertisement is selected based on the keywords specified in the search and thus has more relevance to the user.