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Universal electronic driver for LEDs Disclosure Number: IPCOM000014086D
Publication Date: 2003-Jun-19
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Universal electronic driver for LEDs.

An electronic LED driver can be used in many different environments, from the automotive industry, the theatre world to the signal or sign industry. Every industry has its own standard concerning the communication interface to communicate with the LED driver.

If the LED driver is connected into a communication network by one of the industries it needs to be equipped with all possible hardware interfaces and software protocols or a unique LED driver must be developed for each industry.

To minimize the different number of LED drivers one LED driver with one standard communication interface should be developed. This standard communication interface can be that communication interface that is most widely used e.g. DALI. In that case the LED driver can easily be connected to that most widely used control environment. If an other communication interface is needed a transcoder can be put between that communication interface and e.g. the DALI interface. This transcoder can be unique for one type of transcoding and limited to the functionality of the connected communication systems. The transcoder transforms the hardware requirements as well as the software protocol. The transcoder can also be placed on a module that is integrated in the driver.