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Edit-system Language Parsers for Mixed Documents Disclosure Number: IPCOM000014102D
Original Publication Date: 2000-Jun-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-19

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A live-parsing edit system for mixed language documents is disclosed which allows for the construction of mixed-language document parsers, which have the capability to attach several language-specific parsers, and switch between them as a function of the active document context. Each language parser adds to the document parser its entire language-sensitive set of capabilities (syntax highlighting, contextual help, etc.). This disclosure applies particularly to edit systems, such as development edit systems, dealing with programming languages and scripts comprising more than one syntax although the concept can be easily extended to other scenarios. Examples of composite-language documents, in which there is a main language and one or more secondary languages, or script, sections, for use in the edit system of this disclosure include: C/C++ code with imbedded SQL code and/or imbedded CICS code, Java code with imbedded SQL code, and HTML code with JavaScript sections. Certain languages are the main language in some document types, and a secondary (imbedded) language in other document types. The disclosed system provides, for all the secondary languages in a complex document, that full set of services which is ordinarily provided by a document parser written specifically for that language as the main (or unique) document language. A well-integrated functionality and look is achieved. Referring to the Figure, the edit system comprises the following components: The Common Parser , from which the document parsers derive, implements a set of generic parser services and provides an interface to the edit system. The interface defines, among other things, the different types of documents/languages supported by the edit system.