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Signal noize reduction method Disclosure Number: IPCOM000014148D
Original Publication Date: 2001-Jun-26
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-19

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The CRC method required additional data for error correction. Parity check and ECC method also required additional external pins. General error correction or error detection usually required additional data or additional external pins. This disclosure provides the error correction without any additional pins or additional data. And it is also possible to take this error correction together with CRC, Parity check or ECC method to get high signal reliability. As a conventional method get just one sampling in one signal. This causes the receive error by noise such as ground bounce or lightning surge. In this case, it is required the error detection or correction method such as CRC, parity check or ECC. These methods required the additional data or additional pins and also caused cost up. This disclosure solves it by multiple sampling in one signal. And it is decided by majority. It is not required additional data or additional pins. Figure 1 shows the conventional one sampling method on no error. In this case, no error occurred on received data because there is no noise. Figure 2 shows the conventional one sampling method on error. The first and second data "1", "0" is correct. But the third received data "1" is not correct because of the noise. This disclosure provides the solution on this case. Figure 3 shows this disclosure. The first received data "1" is consists of three sampling data "1" "1" "1". These three data shows there are no noise and no error. The first data "1"