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The cellular phone which has answering functions by pushing its buttons Disclosure Number: IPCOM000014275D
Original Publication Date: 2000-May-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-19

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A cellular phone that has answering functions by pushing its buttons Disclosed is a device that has answering functions in a cellular phone by pushing its buttons that correspond to messages that are set previously. The registered messages are something like I am in the train, so I can t talk with you now. But I can hear you, so please continue to talk to me" or "I will call you later etc. By pressing a button of the cellular phone, the cellular phone answers messages corresponding to the number of button. It is said that talking in a train or in a restaurant by the cellular phone is not good manner, and cellular phones have no function to send recorded voice to someone so far. So it is difficult to communicate in the train or restaurant using cellular phones. But this invention makes it easy, because the cellular phone is able to send some messages recorded previously by pushing its buttons. Figure1 represents 6 major elements of the cellular phone: (1)a microphone, (2)buttons,(3)a voice recorder,(4)a transmitter,(5)a speaker and (6)a receiver. First messages should be recorded into the voice recorder via the microphone. And the messages should be linked to the number of the buttons when they are recorded into the voice recorder of the cellular phone. When the cellular phone gets a call, the messages can be sent to the calling person via the transmitter by pushing some buttons.