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Dynamic "On The Bench" Resources and Skills information Disclosure Number: IPCOM000014307D
Original Publication Date: 2001-May-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-19

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Disclosed in a description for a Resource Management System (RMS) database function to dynamically get information about resources that are available (resources that are "On The Bench"), or that are scheduled to become available in the near future. The definition of "On the Bench" is anyone who is not 100% accounted for in time, against all the project assignments that are recorded in the RMS database. A key functional need for any RMS database is the ability to know (1) which resources are available (part of their time, or 100% available) or (2) will soon become available, and (3) what skills do they have (to match available skills to the right need), and where the are located (City, Region, Division, Manager, etc.). The problem of knowing what resources are becoming available for work across a large organization, what their expertise (skills) and their roles (such as Programmer, Architect, Project Manager, Manager, and their domain knowledge is paramount to improving efficiency of the use of these resources. This assists management in making informed resource decisions prior to taking actions such as hiring contractors to do work that available internal resources can do, and being able to promote better resource reuse within and across the organization, and reduce development expense costs across the board. An RMS database takes a dynamic view of all the project assignments in the system for all resource groups