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Anywhere Radio Via Wireless Connection Disclosure Number: IPCOM000014317D
Original Publication Date: 2001-Feb-20
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-19

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When people travel from country to country or from state to state in large countries such as the USA or Germany, they lose contact with their local or national news. Innovations The invention uses similar technology to my previous invention, "Anytime radio via wireless connection," and a cellular phone and radio equipped with Bluetooth cards. In the case of the “Anywhere radio,” however, the phone initiates the interaction. Prior to leaving home, a traveler will be guided through a menu that downloads pre-tuned radio stations to the smart-card in his or her GSM or UMTS phone. The phone then contacts its base station and downloads the Web addresses (URL or TCP/IP), if available, of the pre-tuned stations. After renting a car, the user initiates a soft "download" of the radio stations. When the user tunes into a station, the radio requests the phone to download, in real-time, the current program from that station. In combination with "Anytime radio via wireless connection," the user can hear pre-recorded programs as well. If the radio station does not have a web site, then the GSM/UMTS service provider can relay the program directly. This will probably require UMTS levels of bandwidth rather than GSM. Other Solutions