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MQSeries for OS/390 Triggering and Get Wait Support Using Coupling Facility List Structures Disclosure Number: IPCOM000014384D
Original Publication Date: 2001-Jan-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-19

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General overview of shared queues MQSeries for OS/390 Version 5.2 introduces support for shared queues, and provides the ability to configure a group of Queue Managers that need to access the same set of shared queues in a Queue Sharing Group (QSG). A shared queue is a type of local queue that has defined attributes which indicate that the queue definition is shared and messages on the queue are shared. More than one Queue Manager in a QSG can place messages on a shared queue. Similarly, any messages residing on a shared queue can be directly accessed by more than one Queue Manager. This means that within a QSG you can put a message to a shared queue via one Queue Manager and get the same message from the shared queue via a second Queue Manager. This provides a rapid mechanism for communication between Queue Managers within a QSG. The messages on a shared queue are stored in the OS/390 Coupling Facility (CF) in MQSeries related CF List Structures. Each shared queue maps to a List Header within a list structure and each message that resides on a shared queue maps to a list entry on the shared queue List Header.