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Controlled Server Side Execution Environment Disclosure Number: IPCOM000014399D
Original Publication Date: 2000-Jan-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-19

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Internet Server Providers usually prohibit users to author dynamic web pages, using, for example, CGI, JavaScript, scripts Java or other kinds of scripts. This is because an errant script could consume all of the CPU time or other system resources causing the service provider's server to hang or seem to fail. This invention provides a controlled execution environment with limited (in percentage of execution and in total time per script) preemptable CPU and other resources (locks, storage,...) so that even an errant server script would not substantially impair ISP service from incorrectly or inappropriately authored web pages. The end subscriber can author their own web server scripts, enabling more flexible e-commerce options without having to own the server. The ISP would not have to worry about service on his server because the scripts would be limited in their ability to significantly impact server performance or reliability. This can be accomplished as follows. A typical ISP offers a specified amount of disk storage and provides http and ftp access to the files associated with that storage. The http and ftp service is addressed by a specific URL which can be further qualified with a hierarchical path name. Thus the ISP customer is able to create a static web site using these services. This customer may wish to augment the static site with dynamic server side support which may, for example, accept on-line e-commerce orders and collect these in a file on the ISP site, or forward such information, perhaps as email, to another location. This invention enables this as follows. When the URL is requested from the ISP server, if it contains an interactive query delimited with a question mark "?" or specifies a CGIBIN script, or other query, a thread is opened in a virtual machine on the ISP server to handle the query. The virtual machine may be Java based or be of another kind. However, the thread running on behalf of the ISP customer is limited in capability as follows: