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NT DCE IDL Cross Compiling Techniques for IBM OS/400 Disclosure Number: IPCOM000014402D
Original Publication Date: 2000-Mar-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-19

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A major problem in porting DCE to the IBM OS/400 platform is on the native port of the IDL compiler. The porting requires OS/400 platform specific tools such as lex and yacc and resolution of OS/400 specific differences in a few areas such as code pages and addressing architectures. This native port is considered costly in turns of both effort and schedule aspects. This problem is common to the porting of any code generator from the Windows or UNIX environment to the OS/400 environment. This invention introduces a cost effective approach to solve this problem. Instead of porting the IDL compiler, a set of techniques are invented and an OS/400 DCE IDL cross compiler on NT is created. This cross compiler generates correct RPC header files and stub files for OS/400 applications. OS/400 customers can use this cross compiler to generate the RPC files on a Windows NT system. The files can be used in a native OS/400 development environment. Alternatively, these generated files can also be compiled using the OS/400 IDL cross compiler on a Windows NT system together with the application source code to produce object code. The object code can be then uploaded to an OS/400 environment and linked with the system's services to create executable code. The set of techniques that are incorporated in the OS/400 IDL cross compiler on NT ensures that the compiler generates correct RPC files from any RPC interface definitions for the OS/400 platform. These techniques resolve problems which occur due to the fact of the differences in code page usage, addressing architecture, and C compiler implementation on the two platforms. From the economics point of view, apparently it would be much inexpensive to achieve all the initial DCE application coding work on an NT machine than on OS/400 machine. Furthermore, these techniques are generally applicable to porting any code generators from a Windows/Intel system or a UNIX/RISC system to an OS/400 system. The original IDL compiler for NT DCE was modified to become an OS/400 IDL cross compiler on NT, which can be used by DCE applications to produce OS/400 compliant stub files and header files. The following summarizes the major techniques used in this work: