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Selective Mass transport dominated plating methods for Dendritic plating structures Disclosure Number: IPCOM000014439D
Original Publication Date: 2001-Dec-31
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-19

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Disclosed is a method for selectively plating dendritic metal structures in reel to reel format without applied masking agents. This method can be used to fabricate large volumes of dendritic components for high speed and high density electrical connector applications. Selective plating of a continuous strip of electrical connectors is illustrated in the figure. A strip of connectors (labelled contact for plating) is fed between two dielectric block carriers which give alignment to the connectors and can shield areas of the connectors from plating. One dielectric carrier has two sets of electrical circuits (or a common circuit) connected to external power sources. Each circuit makes electrical contact at the top of the connectors by brushes or other electrical wipe type of connections. Each circuit has an anode (not shown) in solution. Solution is sprayed as a continuous jet from the nozzle to the connectors. The solution completes the electrical circuit for plating and only allows plating where a continuous stream of solution touches the connector. The angle and size of the continuous jet stream controls the size and direction of dendrite plating on the connector. Multiple plating finishes of dendrite and smooth morphology can be plated onto connectors in different plating cells. Continuous jet stream of solution can be replaced by sponge filled with solution or porous brushes with solution. Continuous jet stream of solution can be replaced with continuous solution stream from trough, orifices or other controlled solution impingement method. Containment tank in bottom is used to catch solution for recirculation. 1